Price List

Suit, Trouser & Jacket Alteration & Repair Price Guide

Shorten legs plain finish:
£14.95 to £19.95 (Full heal kick tapes added or replaced extra £4.00)

Shorten legs with turn up finish:
£19.95 to £24.95  (Full heal kick tapes added or replaced extra £4.00)

Taper leg width, thighs or from knee down:
£24.95 (Same price to make skinny/slim cut)

Take in waist replace stitching back near original as poss:
£24.95 (Same price if the seat needs doing)

Simple stitch repair work:
from £9.95 (Small repair work)
up to £24.95 (Larger areas)

Near invisible repair work:
from £14.95 (Smaller area)
up to £39.95 (Larger areas)

Repair crutch or seat area using new material:
from £19.95 (One side)
up to £29.95 (Both sides)

Maximum charge for a large repair to crutch area is £39.95 (This is in extreme cases)

New zips in trousers: £24.95

Repair zips in trousers: from £14.95

Repair pockets: from £9.95

Jacket alterations: from £29.95

I stock lots of different suit materials of different colours, weight and finishes; so I will be able to make your repair work as near a match as possible.

For the near invisible repair work on some occasions i may need to use the existing material from the trousers or jacket. Before I do this I will ask you and discuss where I may be taking the material from.

All prices are a guide and to guarantee a price we need to see in person at the shop or pictures via email before hand, repairs will vary in size and location of holes/damage which can affect time and cost to carry out. Alterations can also vary depending how its been made and finishing wanted.